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Primary Practice Areas

Estate Planning

An Estate Plan specifies your preferences and protects your family and your assets when you are not able to do so.


Protect your loved ones, preserve your property and specify your wishes with a Will.


A Trust meets many needs that a Will cannot. A trust provides privacy and long term asset protection planning.

Workers Compensation

Legal guidance for injured workers by a certified legal specialist.

Social Security

Legal help getting your Social Security application approved.
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Estate Planning

What is an Estate Plan?

A Will vs. A Trust

What's the difference?


What to Consider Before Signing a Power of Attorney

Understand how the different types of powers of attorney work, i.e., naming someone so they hare authority to act for you in medical or financial …

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How Do I Choose an Executor?

The person you choose to be your executor should be someone you trust. These questions will give you some ideas on what to consider when …

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